10 Best Sewing Machine Oils in 2020

It does not matter whether you are trying to run a business with the use of an industrial embroidery machine or just keep up with personal and family needs with an in-home sewing machine, the need to keep them up and running is a necessity. 

So how do you keep your sewing machines from breaking down?

Well, one of the simplest steps is through the use of proper sewing machine maintenance which can be easily and cheaply done on your own. Of course, you could always wait till it breaks in then just have someone else try to fix it for you for a pretty penny. 

However, I personally prefer to learn how to take care of the items that I own because it gives me a sense of empowerment and takes the strain off of my wallet. Not to mention learning a new skill is often an enjoyable experience. 

So what are the maintenance activities you need to be doing for your sewing machine?

Well, there are a few different maintenance activities you may want to consider. However, the most important one is providing your sewing machine with proper lubrication through the use of sewing machine oil. 

 What Is The Importance Of Using Sewing Machine Oil?

Your sewing machine has a lot of moving parts and gears that most work together to make the machine work properly. However, every time they are used friction builds up and whatever oil that was previously there to protect it eventually gets worn out of dislodged. 

Without more oil to keep these moving parts inside the machine from getting too hot and morphing or having the friction damage and break them your machine will eventually stop working. The easiest way to fix this is to simply use a sewing machine oil on a regular basis to relubricate your machine.

That is why I have worked on gathering what are currently the best sewing machine oils. Many factors are taken into account when choosing the best sewing machine oil ranging from viscosity to volume. Along with every other meaningful quality one would consider in choosing the best sewing machine oil.

10 Best Sewing Machine Oils in 2020

1.) Stainless Sewing Machine Oil

This stainless sewing machine oil hits all three of our qualifying metrics as best as possible. 

With a custom formulated lubricating oil, it brings itself in at the top in terms of quality for your sewing machine.

Furthermore, in terms of quantity, it provides you with an entire 8 ounces of oil compared to many others that only provide 1 to 4 ounces. 

Finally, the pricing of this particular oil is definitely on the cheaper side for similar quality lubricants. Making it overall one of the best options currently available. 

Additional features the deserve recognition:

The sewing machine oil is stainless so it will not stain the materials you work with if somehow oil gets on them. The oil is designed for sewing machines but can also work well with other textile machinery and parts that require proper lubrication. 

2.) Juki Defrix Sewing Machine Oil

Juki is known as one of the top brands available on the market for in-home and professional sewing machines. Making it no surprise that their oil made the #2 spot. 

Juki makes very high-quality products and that is no different from their sewing machine oil. In terms of quality, it is debatably one of the top three that you can get your hands on. 

However, there is one major downside this product has which is its pricing. I am not sure why it tends to cost so much but the product is often hard to find at affordable prices.

The bright side is the company has been providing quality sewing machines and other similar products for around 80 years so it is safe that they should know what they are doing.

3.) Liquid Bearings Sewing Machine Oil

The Liquid Bearings Sewing Machine Oil is one of the few fully synthetic lubricating options available. The primary advantage of using synthetic oil is that it will attract less dirt than non-synthetic oils thus taking longer before it gets all gummy.

This makes it ideal for those who rarely use their sewing machines and just want to lubricate it put it away for a while and be able to come back to it still running it peak condition. 

In this sort of minimal use and maximum storage situation, this oil really shines as the best option and makes up for its hefty cost. 

Furthermore, it comes with precision applicators of various sizes making application a breeze.

The only real concern and complaints about this product are the size of the bottle as it only holds 2 ounces. If you are using your machine relatively often you will burn through these 2 ounces in no time.

4.) Lily White One Gallon Sewing Machine Oil

This Lili White One Gallon container of sewing machine oil is our top pick in terms of overall value.

The metrics that this particular item scores out of the park with are on its quantity and its price. The item provides you with an entire gallon of oil for around $30 dollars which is certainly the best prices in terms of per ounce pricing. 

The quality of the oil seems to be pretty decent it is certainly not the best but it is certainly not bad by any means. 

This makes the product easily one of the biggest bangs for your buck on the market today in terms of providing basic lubricating functionality for a low price. 

There are however a couple of downsides to this product that has moved it down the list. 

The first being that you will need to purchase an additional application bottle or have some other way to apply the oil from the gallon jug.

Secondly, some users found the storage of a gallon of oil in their household was unpractical given their circumstances.

Finally, the company seems to have shipping and packaging issues so there have been multiple complains about massive leaking during shipment of the item to the customer. 

5.) Diamond White One Gallon Machine Oil

The Diamond White product is another one-gallon jug of sewing machine oil that can be ideal for massive lubricating needs. 

Overall it is very similar to Lily White's one-gallon sewing machine oil the only major difference between the two is Lily's seems to be of higher quality oil.

The same benefits and cons are applicable to this one as well although there does not seem to be as many shipping complaints when it comes to the Diamond White jug. 

6.) Singer Sewing Machine Oil

Singer similar to Juki is another well-respected brand in the sewing machine industry. The company has been in the business of manufacturing sewing machines since the 1850s. This has given the company valuable experience which can be reflected in the quality of both their machines and oils.

The bottle comes with an extended nozzle which helps make application easier. Furthermore, it has a spill prevention cap for the nozzle that helps to make sure there is no leakage. 

Finally, the bottle comes in a 2.7-ounce size which is where this particular item takes a major hit as that sort of size is often way too small as expressed earlier with the synthetic oil.

7.) Liberty Oil

8.) Helmer Colonial 29 Super Lube Machine Oil

9.) Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oil

10.) Zoom Spout Lily White Sewing Machine Oil