How to Apply Treadmill Belt Lubricant To Your Treadmill

Properly Lubricating your treadmill belt is the number one maintenance item that everyone should do on a regular basis.

It will not only keep your treadmill running in peak condition but will also extend the life of your equipment and prevent the need for other repairs.

However, if you have neglected to lubricate and maintain your treadmill you may notice some of the common issues that signal a broken or damaged treadmill.

Regardless of what brand of treadmill you have the instructions and lubrication will be the same.

Before beginning this process of lubricating your treadmill belt you will want to make sure you have purchased a pure 100% silicone lubricant to use.

If you have purchased some other non-silicone lubricant to use for your treadmill I suggest you return it and get a silicone one as it will save from having a big headache down the road. 

How to Apply Treadmill Belt Lubricant

1.) First, you will want to power off your and unplug it from the outlet to ensure safety for both you and your equipment.

2.) Starting at the front of your treadmill(this is the end that has the motor on it), create separation between the belt and the belt deck by sliding your hand underneath the belt.

3.) Once the separation is created take your bottle of silicone lubricant and try to get the application portion as close to the center of the treadmill.

4.) You will then want to gently squeeze the lubricant bottle applying while also moving from the center of the belt to the outer edge of the belt. You will want to apply roughly 1/2 an ounce of silicone oil to this side.

5.) After applying lubricant to one side of the treadmill belt you will want to repeat the above steps(2-4) to the other side.

6.) Finally, once lubrication has been applied to both sides of the treadmill belt you will want to plug it back in and run the treadmill for 3-5 minutes to spread out the lubricant across the treadmill belt deck. 

Warning: If you see any visible lubricant outside of the belt you will want to wipe it away as this could cause you to slip while running.


In conclusion, applying a treadmill belt lubricant to your treadmill can be done in 4 simple steps.

  • Wipe down Dust
  • Apply 100% silicone oil in 5 places along both sides of the belt, under the belt
  • Let treadmill run 3 to 5 minutes at a slow to medium speed
  • Wipe up excess oil

Save yourself time and money by doing this simple treadmill belt lubrication job yourself, it should take 15 minutes at most if you already have the lubricant.

A final note to add.

Be sure to use 100% Silicone Oil. Other products can be cheaper but don't work as well and can damage your belt and treadmill depending on make and model. 

Lastly, reapply treadmill belt oil every 3 to 6 months with moderate use, if you haven't used the treadmill in a while go ahead and relubricate it, better safe than sorry. If you use the treadmill a lot, relubricate every 3 months.

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