How to put air into bicycle tires with presta valve

How to put air into bicycle tires with Presta Valve

Presta Valve Length Var

This is can seem like a daunting task to accomplish but once you know how to do it you'll see just how simple it is.

The first thing to consider is the pump. Not just any pump can pump up a Presta valve it has to have a specific attachment to do it. Most pumps I see today can do both, they will have a larger hole and a smaller hole, which is the Presta valve.

The first thing to do it unscrew the little metal Tip. 

Then simply attach the pump as you would on a regular bike tire when pumping.. Push on your pump head.

After that step is completed, detach the pump like you regularly would, then retighten the tip by screwing it down with your hands. 

Why the Presta Valve

The Presta Valve can handle higher air pressures than the standard you're used to seeing. Also, it can help reduce air leakage at high pressures.

Don't have a Presta Valve Pump?

No problem, you can either buy a new pump or buy an attachment for your Presta Valve to make it the standard. Ill Like it below! Presta Valve Adapter

Presta Valve Adapter

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