Best Glass Cutter Lubricant Characteristics

When your cutting glass a quality lubricant is crucial to not damaging your tools and to get the end product you want.

Different lubricants have different qualities. I've composed my list of important qualities I like to have in my glass cutting oil.

  1. Biodegradable (Earth-friendly)
  2. Doesn't degrade overtime
  3. Liquid at room temperature
  4. Doesn't have noxious vapor
  5. Can be cleaned easily

    For me, these are some of the most important qualities.

    It seems everyone in this subject has different opinions so you'll be able to get other perspectives from other people who use glass cutting oil regularly.

    Top 5 Characteristics Of A Good Glass Cutting Lubricant

    1.) Biodegradable (Earth-friendly)

    I put biodegradable at the top of the list because it seems there really is no need to use a product that isn't biodegradable when there are countless ones that are currently on the market.

    Not to mention the biodegradable ones cost just as much as the ones that are not biodegradable.

    Furthermore, why not use something a little safer around the house more likely to come in contact with your family or someone else's.

    For me, I see this as a win-win.

    2.) Doesn't Degrade Overtime

    For me, it's important to use something that doesn't degrade with time or use.

    Because so little is used at a time and it ends up lasting a good while.

    For this reason, long shelf life is crucial for me in my choice of glass cutting oil.

    3.) Liquid At Room Temperature

    It needs to be liquid at room temperature.

    Why you might ask?

    Because if its jelled up and not liquid you will have to warm it somehow to get the proper lubricating qualities you bought it for.

    We buy this oil to protect our equipment and so that the glass being cut comes out the way intended and it being jelled up ultimately prevents this from happening properly.

    So for me its a must!

    4.) Doesn't Have Noxious Vapor

    Honestly, I don't enjoy breathing in those vapors that make your head hurt and kill brain cells.

    I like to get a lubricant where this isn't a problem.

    This also ties into getting healthier and safer products around my family and me. 

    5.) Can Be Cleaned Easily

    The ability to clean it off a finished glass piece that has been cut it's critical.

    If you have trouble getting your piece clean than it just adds time and difficulty to the job.

    Depending on the oil you get the ability to clean it off easily greatly varies.


    In this article, we discussed some of the most important qualities in a good glass cutting oil.

    There are several good glass cutting oils on the market and several good alternatives as well. For me the best characteristics you can find are:

    • Biodegradable (Earth-friendly)
    • Doesn't degrade overtime
    • Liquid at room temperature
    • Doesn't have noxious vapor
    • Can be cleaned easily

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