What Kind Of Oil Can Be Used For Glass Cutting Tools

As we all know there are various types of glass cutters out there ranging in both cost, performance, and purpose.

Many of these tools require the use of a glass cutting oil to ensure the tool functions optimally.

Leaving the question that many of us have which is what kind of oil can be used for my glass cutting tool.

What Kind Of Oil Can Be Used For Glass Cutting Tools

Different Types of Glass Cutting Oils and their Benefits:

  1. Light Machine Oil
  2. Karoseen Oil
  3. Vegetable Oil
  4. Custom Formulated Glass Cutting Oil

1.) Light Machine Oil

Any type of lightweight machine oil can be used for glass cutting. It will provide proper lubrication and usually can be purchased for a reasonable price.

The major downside, however, to using light machine oil is that it can sometimes be too viscous and actually impact the feel and movement of your cutter.

This can impact your performance significantly if you get an overly viscous oil.

2.) Karoseen Oil

Karoseen was one of the most commonly used oils back in the olden days due to the fact that it was readily available in the Karoeseen lamps.

Surprisingly it worked relatively well as glass cutting oil as it sufficiently lubricated and easily evaporated leaving less oil to clean up afterward.

However, the major downside to using Karosseen now is it is almost too light of an oil meaning it can easily leak out or get easily displaced causing an array of issues.

3.) Vegetable Oil

Any type of vegetable oil can be used. However, I would highly advise against it unless you just find yourself in a pinch. 

4.) Custom Formulated Glass Cutting Oil

Due to the demand for good glass cutting oils, there have been in recent years custom formulated glass cutting oils that bring forth every benefit discussed above without any of the downsides.

The most important detail that these formulated glass cutting oils can bring is that they provide the exact viscosity needed.

These are by far the best options available on the market and if at all possible should be used. 

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  • And I found this article very helpful very useful I have my first black cutter ever and I did not know how to use it and it did not come with any oil.

    Christopher Porec

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