Best Glass Cutting Tools For Cutting Glass Tile

When it comes to a challenging task such as cutting glass you need to have your tools and equipment working optimally to make the job as easy as possible.

This is why using a proper glass cutting oil and having the best glass cutting tool for your job is essential.

Given how many tools are currently on the market each having different types of design, material, and functionality can make choosing the right one for you nearly impossible.

To help with this crucial buying decision I have gathered the necessary information on what are currently the best tools for cutting glass and made a personal selection for which one is best.

    Best Glass Cutting Tools For Cutting Glass Tile

    This section will cover the overall best tools for cutting glass regardless of if you are cutting tiles or bottles. In the end, I will give my personal take on the best overall glass cutter.

    6.) Uxcell Skidproof Handle Steel Blade Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tool

    The Uxcell class cutter is definitely a must-have thanks to its unique skidproof handle which helps better your control significantly.

    Furthermore, it comes in some unique gold and silver colors that I tend to find quite appealing.

    Not to mention it is made out of metal giving it a good sense of durability during use.

    5.) CRL TOYO Original Supercutter Metal Handle Straight Head Oil Cutter

    This particular model is known for its ability to produce extremely clean scores. 

    The reason it is able to do this is mainly because of the high-quality design that goes into making it. 

    First of all, the wheel cutting head is made out of carbide steel which is by far one of the best materials to make a long-lasting durable cutter out of. Secondly, the cutter is very wide which makes cutting in a straight line easier than done so with a smaller cutter. 

    Finally, the body is made out of metal which creates a heavier more durable feel when handling that in my opinion makes it easier to control.

    Oh! And not to forget this model is also self-lubricating so no need to worry about constantly applying glass cutting oil.

    4.) Toyo Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

    Toyo is definitely one of the better brands on the market for glass cutting tools and this pistol grip cutter holds up to that standard.

    The key features for this particular model are that it has an oil feed system to ensure your cutting wheel is constantly lubricated. Along with a replaceable carbide tip wheel cutter head.

    The key selling point for me on this model is the carbide tip as cutters made with this material last significantly longer making the investment worthwhile. 

    3.) IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter

    This glass cutting tool is one of my favorites when it comes to pistol grip models. 

    While pistol grips, in my opinion, are not the preferred choice for maximum precision they are certainly the best for bigger projects and cuts. Mainly because they can help provide a more comfortable grip that won't cause your hand to fatigue as quickly.

    You will find that it comes with an elegant oil feed system that ensures proper lubrication by automatically dispensing glass cutting oil to your wheel while you cut.

     Additional features of this cutter are that it comes with three replaceable cutter heads. Each intended to be used for different levels of glass thickness.

    2.) Kewayo Glass Cutter Cutting Tool

    This particular tool is perfect for those looking for something that is durable and comes with outstanding precision. 

    This tool has many great qualities one of which is its oiling system which uses an advance oiling mechanism that distributes glass cutting oil 360 degrees for better lubrication.

    Furthermore, this product is made of top-notch materials. The body consists of a durable brass body that makes holding it feel just right. While the shank portion consists of a high-quality aluminum alloy that has been given a healthy dose of surface treatment to prevent oxidation coloring. Finally, its cutter wheel is made out of the YD-05 high-quality allow ensuring smooth cuts.

    The final notable feature is the ability for the glass cutting head to have a full range of motion and be turned 360 degrees.

    If you want a simple, yet durable and high-quality glass cutting tool then the Kewayo is definitely for you.

    1. Custom-grip Supercutter

    The Custom-grip Supercutter is by far the best glass cutting tool on the market. Designed with a TAP wheel technology that ensures a smooth rolling of the wheel during cutting sessions. Making your work not only more efficient but more enjoyable.

    Additional features that come with this is the adjustable saddle grip that allows the user to keep their fingers straight and reduce personally strain. Furthermore, the grip can be set to four different positions making it work with various hand sizes. 

    Furthermore, this specific cutting tool is self-lubricating all you have to do is place glass cutting oil into the chamber beforehand. Removing the need to take frequent breaks to apply more oil while cutting. Finally, the product comes with a replaceable cutting head allowing you to save money by just replacing the cutting heads as needed.