How To Change The Attachments On A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If you just got your new KitchenAid mixer congratulations, you got an awesome new set of kitchen hardware that will help you get all your cooking done faster and easier.

The KitchenAid brand has created an abundance of KitchenAid mixer attachments and accessories that can make the machine useful for just about anything.

However, with all of these attachments and accessories for your mixer, you may be wondering how on earth you change them out.

Furthermore, how can you change these attachments without damage or causing any harm to your mixer?

Well, you're in the right place.

That's just the question ill be answering today.

So how do we change attachments on a KitchenAid mixer? 

Steps In Changing Attachments On KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Fortunately, the KitchenAid mixer and all of its attachments were made to easily be both attached and detached from the mixer in a matter of minutes. 

All you need to do is follow these six simple steps and you will be on your way:

  1. Unplug Mixer From Any Powersource
  2. Raise Mixer's Head Fully Up
  3. Wipe down Mixer Shaft
  4. Attach your Desired Attachment
  5. Lower Mixer Head
  6. Plugin and Bake!

    1.) Unplug Mixer From Any Powersource: 

    This should be done not only as a safety precaution for you but also for your mixer.

    2.) Raise Mixer's Head Fully Up: 

    To do this you simply just grab onto your mixer's head and apply an upward force until it will no longer move upward. 

    3.) Wipe Down The Mixer's Shaft:

    This is the first real step that takes some effort. Leftover residue or food on the shaft can cause the attachment to get "glued on with food. So to prevent this you will want to wipe it down with a warm wet cloth. 

    If there is some stubborn food that will not remove you can take a more abrasive approach however I would suggest using something that isn't too rough as you would not want to damage the shaft.

    4.) Attach Your Desired Attachment:

    For this step, you will first need to grab your desired attachment. Once that is completed you will want to locate the notch on the attachment.

    Then line this notch up with the protruding rod on the side of the shaft. From there you will want to push the attachment into it and twist, it will then lock-in. 

    Note: There is only one way the attachment will rotate to lock in so if it is not rotating in one direction simply try the other way.

    5.) Lower The Mixer Head:

    For this step simply put the mixer head back into its desired lowered location by again grabbing the head and applying force to maneuver it into a proper spot.

    6.) Plugin The Mixer

    Finally, do not forget to plug your mixer back in. Otherwise, you may run into some additional complications when operating the mixer.

    Now that you have completed all the steps and reattached your KitchenAid Mixer attachment you are all ready to go! 

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    In Conclusion

    We talked about how to change attachments on a KitchenAid mixer.

    This can be done in 6 simple steps within a matter of minutes.

    If you are super fast probably in under a minute.

    To summarize the steps again:

    1. Unplug Mixer From Any Powersource
    2. Raise Mixer's Head Fully Up
    3. Wipe down Mixer Shaft
    4. Attach your Desired Attachment
    5. Lower Mixer Head
    6. Plugin and Bake!

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