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When it comes to owning an electric razor there are two key practices that one must follow to maximize their razor's performance.

First one of the most important things you can do to keep your electric razor in tip-top shape is to clean it on a regular basis. While the second is keeping your razor properly lubricated that is oiling your electric razor on a regular basis as well.

Believe it or not, electric razors have a lot of moving parts and just like any other machine with a lot of moving parts friction ensues. When this friction is not minimized through the use of consistent lubrication parts begin to get damaged.

Now, unfortunately, to get you that close shave that you love so much the manufacturers of these razors had the parts machine with very low fault tolerances.

So it won't take much friction and heat to damage that nice electric razor that you just bought and love so much. 

With that said you may be wondering what kind of oils should you use to lubricate your electric razor and which ones are the best.

Well in this article I will elaborate a bit on what options you have, where you can find them, and which ones I believe are personally the best. 

What Kind Of Oil Can You Use To Lubricate Your Electric Razor

When it comes to lubricating your electric razor there two main options you either use a direct apply liquid or a spray.

Now some of these options you can find at home others you have to go out and buy.

The Oil Suggested by the Manufacturer

Usually, manufacturers will suggest what type of oil to use for your specific electric razor.

However, if you have lost the manual or are too lazy to look it up like me the other options provided will do the job just fine. 

Light, Low viscosity Lubricants and Oils

Using a good light oil can be the easiest and cheapest way to keep your electric razor properly lubricated.

You simply use a few drops each time and you are all set. 

Spray Lubricants

There are various types of aerosol spray lubricants that can be used as an easy way to lubricate your electric razor.

Some people prefer to use the spray lubricants over the liquid due to convenience.

However, you usually get a better value out of buying the directly applied liquid forms.

If you would like to check out some different spray lubricants here are some of my top suggestions:

Light Custom Formulated Lubricants:

When it comes to lubricating your electric razor and getting the absolute best performance it is suggested that you use a lubricant that is made specifically for electric razors that will provide you with optimal levels of lubrication. Extending the lifespan of the razor and enjoyability of each and every shave. 

If this is the kind of lubricant you are looking for then check out this electric razor oil. 

What Kind Of Oils To Avoid Using On Your Electric Razor

Main Types to avoid:

  • Heavy Oils such as motor oil or olive oil
  • Oils that will easily irritate the skin
  • Toxic Oils

As important as it is to lubricate your razor it is also equally important to use a proper lubricant so before you get any ideas of using that olive oil sitting in the kitchen let me warn you first.

The heavier kind of oils will ruin your razor and generally just create an absolute mess.

Secondly, you will be using this razor on your skin and the last thing you want is to get some super irritating oil on you that will cause you to break out in a nasty rash.

Finally, you will want to avoid toxic oils for the same reason you avoid ones that would irritate the skin.

Unless of course, you are not too worried about your overall health then, by all means, do as you please but I, of course, would not advise or suggest that you do so.

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