What Attachments Come With A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

So you are thinking about buying a KitchenAid stand mixer and are wondering what exactly you will get with it. 

Or maybe you have just gifted a KitchenAid mixer and are not sure what you should do with it.

Well, I can tell that if you just got one or are planning on getting one you will absolutely love using it. 

Furthermore, if you aren't sure on how to change out any of the attachments be sure to check out my instructional article on How To Change The Attachments On A KitchenAid Mixer

What Attachments Come With A KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

Well, every KitchenAid mixer that you buy should come with three basic attachments to get you started. However, there are certainly many more KitchenAid Mixer Attachments that you can go out and purchase to extend the capabilities of your mixer

The Three Attachments That Come With A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

The three attachments that come with a KitchenAid Stand Mixer are:

  1. Flat Edge Beater
  2. Wire Whip
  3. Dough Hook

1.) Flat Edge Beater

The Flat Edge Beater is the attachment you will find yourself using the most with your mixer. It is by far the most versatile of the group and basically an all-purpose tool. 

When it comes to baking or mixing needs you will want to use this tool. It can be effectively used with normal to heavy mixtures such as cakes, brownies, cookies and more. 

Furthermore, if your recipe specifies a need for you to mix, beat, mash, or cream then this mixer is your friend. 

As for the speed capabilities of this attachment it can be used on all of the speed settings of your mixer as long as it is the right speed for whatever batter you would like to mix.

2.) Wire Whip

The Wire Whip attachment is great for mixing ingredients that require air to be added to during the mixing process.

Common ingredients that the wire whip is used for is the whipping of eggs and creams. If the recipe requires some whipping you will likely want to make sure this attachment is nearby. 

The ingredients that are intended to be whipped with the wire whip are usually lighter and fluffier ingredients. 

While the heavier more dense ingredients such as those used in making icings, frostings, or buttercream can be made by using the beater. 

When using this attachment you will usually be running the higher speed levels on it such as levels 8 and 9.

3.) Dough Hook

The Dough Hook is by far one of my favorite attachments that comes with the KitchenAid Stand Mixer as it helps to make life easy.

The Dough Hook is used for making heavy doughs such as bread. 

The part that I like so much about it is that it allows you to skip the kneading process when making a yeasted dough.

This ultimately saves you time as the dough hook is capable of producing the exact same results you would get out of hand kneading the dough in a fraction of the time.

To use this attachment you will want to set the mixer to its lower speed levels around or at a 2 depending on the type of dough.


Again there are countless attachments for the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. All of which I highly suggest you taking a look at if you intend on making the best use of your KitchenAid mixer.

As for the three standard attachments you received with your mixer you will find that they are quite useful and a good starting point.

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